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  • What is C+Life

    C+Life is a comprehensive program that covers everything from the basics of laboratory techniques to the advanced applications of our labware and equipment. At C+Life, learning should be both educational and fun.

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  • Safety Requirement

    safety is of utmost importance when working with chemicals and lab equipment. Whether you are a professional researcher or a chemistry enthusiast, it's crucial to follow proper safety protocols to protect yourself and others in the laboratory.

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  • Essential Class

    A series of educational classes that cover topics of our labware, equipment, and other related knowledge. They are informative, easy to understand, and valuable. Will help you make informed decisions based on your specific needs and requirements.

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  • C+Life Class

    A series of educational classes that focues on the proper use of our lab equipment with instructional videos and other multimedia elements. An excellent resource to combine life and chemistry as well as providing hands-on, practical information.

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