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General Lab Filtration

1. Choose the right filter paper: Select the appropriate filter paper based on the type of substance to be filtered, the particle size of the substance, and the desired filtration speed. Different grades of filter paper are available, with varying pore sizes and flow rates.

2. Prepare the funnel: Place a filter funnel into a flask or beaker and fold the filter paper in half or quarters, depending on its size. Place the folded filter paper in the funnel, with the folded edge pointing toward the stem of the funnel.

3. Wet the filter paper: Wet the filter paper with a small amount of the solvent or solution you will be using to filter the substance. This will help to ensure that the filter paper adheres properly to the funnel and removes any residual fibers from the filter paper.

4. Add the substance to be filtered: Carefully pour the substance to be filtered into the filter paper, making sure to avoid overflowing the funnel.

5. Collect the filtrate: As the substance passes through the filter paper, the liquid component will pass through the filter paper and into the flask or beaker. The solid component will be retained on the filter paper. Once the filtration is complete, carefully remove the filter paper from the funnel and dispose of it properly.

6. Clean the equipment: After completing the filtration, clean the equipment with an appropriate solvent or solution, depending on the nature of the substance filtered.

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