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Custom Library Synthesis

Custom Library Synthesis (Efficieny, Quality, Confidentiality)

StonyLab offers Compound-Library-Synthesis (CLS) Services to help customers generate both large, structurally diverse compound libraries and small structurally focused compound libraries.

Our well-trained team has extensive experience in chemical methodology development and natural product total synthesis; working routinely on structurally complex heterocyclic, polycyclic, and chiral compounds. We have successfully guided clients through critical milestones in drug development, with our standard operating procedures ensuring the confidentiality of their projects.

StonyLab CLS programs can rapidly produce multiple compounds through the use of chemical scaffold discoveries and developments, parallel synthesis methodologies, MPLC/HPLC purification systems and chiral separation processes.

StonyLab’s broad-ranging technologies and expertise have expedited our clients’ SAR studies and contributed to customers’ drug R&D accomplishments.

Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis (Efficieny, Quality, Confidentiality)

StonyLab tailors each project to our customers’ needs, using existing synthesis pathways or developing new, more robust routes to ensure fast and effective completion of each project. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

- Biologically active compounds
- Asymmetric synthesis and chiral separation
- Multi-step synthetic and medicinal chemistry
- Drug metabolites and API impurities
- Photochemistry and pressure reactions
- Stable isotopes including deuterium, 13C and 15N
- Toxic compounds and potent substances
- Natural products including carbohydrates and steroids
- Organometallic chemistry
- Highly pure polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons for material science
- Peptide and polypeptide synthesis
- Bioconjugate chemistry
- Linker chemistry
- Antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)

As well as development level synthesis, StonyLab has the capability to scale up multi-step procedures for the manufacture of batches, to both GLP (for toxicity studies) and GMP standard (for clinical trials).

Custom Glassware

Custom Glassware

StonyLab has a professional team ready to design, create, manufacture, and fulfill your custom glassware needs as efficiently and flawlessly as possible.

Please send us your blueprint with detailed measurement. If no drawings or pictures are available, please describe your request in details, or kindly attach similar product image for reference.

We accept not only large quantities for manufacturing, but also small orders.

What we build together is not just a glass part. It is a relationship. We are here to assist you side by side!

Find Resource

Find Resource

StonyLab has a team of consultants ready to find resources and solutions for you. Our categories are not limited to PPE products, but also can be anything else related to medical, biological, chemical, laboratory fields.

Please contact us with your needs, quantities, and any special requirements.

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