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How to Clean a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Tube?

1. Firstly, tightly cap the bottom of the NMR tube.

2. Connect the bottom of the NMR tube cleaner to a waste bottle, and connect one end of a hose to the vacuum pump.

3. Turn on the vacuum pump and slowly insert the open end of the NMR tube into the main tube of the cleaner.

4. Pour an appropriate amount of cleaning agent into the side tube of the cleaner. Under negative pressure, the cap of the NMR tube will be adsorbed, and the cleaning agent will be directly flushed into the inverted NMR tube to clean various dirt and residues.

5. Finally, remove the rubber tube, turn off the vacuum pump, and take out the NMR tube. Clean off the solvent from the outside of the NMR tube to complete the cleaning process.

Note: After cleaning, the NMR tube should be completely dried in an oven at 60°C. During drying, ensure that the NMR tube is positioned upright rather than flat to prevent deformation. Additionally, the drying temperature should not be too high to avoid affecting the uniformity and performance of the NMR tube.

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