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Dual-Temp Cooling Heating Circulator, 5-27L, -40-150°C, 15-22L/min Circulation Flow Rate

Dual-Temp Cooling Heating Circulator, 5-27L, -40-150°C, 15-22L/min Circulation Flow Rate


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  • Maintenance-free pressure/suction pump, resistant to fibers and metallic particulate matter, while allowing horizontal and vertical agitation of the bath for more uniform mixing;
  • Multiple safety protections: low level protection, with simultaneous light and sound alerts in case of alarm;
  • The pump components that come into contact with liquid or steam are made of high-performance stainless steel and plastic;
  • Pt100 temperature sensor with single-point and two-point temperature calibration;
  • Internal circulation, with two different heights of cup holders as standard for different cups in the bath for constant temperature and viscosity testing;
  • External circulation, with constant temperature for the water bath jacket of the viscometer, suitable for sample viscosity testing with the viscometer in the water bath jacket outside the bath;
  • The buzzer can be set to be silent or audible.

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Customer Reviews

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High Performance

Overall, this heat and cold circulation pump performs well

Precise Temperature Control

Precise temperature control ensured the reliability of the experiment.

Excellent price

Moderately priced for excellent performance. Value for money!

Reliable Stability

Without unexpected temperature fluctuations.

Low working noise

The noise is very low when working and will not disturb the lab environment.