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Graduated Cylinder with 24/40 Joint and Head Stopper

Graduated Cylinder with 24/40 Joint and Head Stopper


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  • StonyLab cylinder with a stopper efficiently inhibits liquid evaporation, allowing short-term liquid storage when not in immediate use
  • With standard 24/40 grinding joint; can serve as a receiving container, offering a visual representation of the collected liquid volume
  • Crafted from borosilicate glass; features precise and easily readable graduations; reusable and durable
  • Please note: avoid filling liquids with extreme temperatures, whether too high or too low
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    reliable quality

    The sturdiness and durability of this cylindrical bottle is felt every time I use it, which makes me very satisfied with its quality and confident that it will serve me for a long time.

    exterior design

    I love how the StonyLab Cylindrical Bottle looks, and I love how it looks in the lab.


    With a reasonable price and good value for money compared to other similar products, StonyLab is one of the most satisfying purchases I've made.

    Provides a visual liquid volume display for ease of use.

    Not only can it be used as a receiving container, but it is also able to clearly display the amount of liquid I have collected, which is very important for my experimental work.

    Clear Graduated Lines

    I have used some cylindrical bottles before, but their scale lines are often blurred, which caused a lot of trouble in my experimental operations, while the scale lines of this cylindrical bottle are very clear, allowing me to accurately read the volume of liquid.