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Low Temperature Cooling Circulator Pump, 3-9L, -40-100°C, 12-28L/min Circulation Flow Rate

Low Temperature Cooling Circulator Pump, 3-9L, -40-100°C, 12-28L/min Circulation Flow Rate


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  • Imported compressors are matched with proportional refrigeration technology and PID technology, making the refrigeration system more energy-efficient and having a longer lifespan.
  • Built-in pressure suction pump with large flow and high lift capacity, enabling smooth water flow and able to withstand temperatures ranging from 80 to 300℃ during long-term temperature operations.
  • The high-temperature direct reduction technology (CIT technology) allows for direct cooling even at high temperatures.
  • The pump head supports short-term dry running to prevent operational mistakes and can be used for equipment testing.
  • It is equipped with a drain outlet to prevent accidents.
  • It is durable against metal and non-metallic hard impurities, as well as external fibers, ensuring a long service life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Juliette Powell
Very satisfied with this purchase!

Efficient energy saving and excellent performance

Jaxson Rivera
Stable performance, durable and reliable

very satisfied

Serena Cox
This cryogenic cooling circulator cools down quickly.

It perfectly meets my experimental needs and is highly recommended!

Brody Richardson
Safe and reliable, use at ease

Precise temperature control.

Nathaniel Turner
stable temperature

The experience of using this cryogenic cooling circulator is very good, easy to operate and stable temperature.