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Automatic Melting Point Meter


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Power Supply

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  • Audit tracking: The full version of audit tracking and user-level permission management. The super administrator can modify everyone's passwords and usernames and trace them, and can modify all operator permissions. User accounts have both a disable and an enable function. When personnel changes occur, accounts can be temporarily locked and then unlocked when needed. The USB export of PDF and Excel data has anti-tampering functions. The audit tracking is quite comprehensive, recording relevant information such as logging in, logging out, modifying data, time, operation steps, and exporting USBs.

  • User management: hierarchical management, where the super administrator assigns permissions, and administrators can create multiple users. Each user can use their own username, and when logging in, they enter their username and password. User accounts have both a disable and an enable function. The highest authority can modify other people's usernames and passwords and trace them.

  • Data retrieval function: convenient for users to quickly find the data they want in a large database.

  • Graph function: during the testing process, graphs can be displayed in real-time, making analysis easier, and the graphs and recorded images can be replayed.

  • Memory: expandable.

  • Software upgrade: automatic upgrade via USB, no need to return to the factory.

Technical Indicators

Model GM70 GM80 GM90
Temperature range room temperature - 360°C Room temperature-400°C Room temperature-420°C
Detection mode Fully automatic (manual compatible)
Processing capacity 4 per batch (up to four samples can be processed simultaneously)
Judgment ability Automatic sample judgment / /
Furnace function / / multi-category
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Heating rate 0.1°C - 20°C (200 levels, infinitely adjustable)
Temperature control mode precise PID temperature control, fully enclosed furnace design
Heating method conductive liquid heating or electric block air heating (optional)
Temperature rise resolution 0.1°C
Temperature rise rate 0.1°C/min - 20°C/min
Accuracy ±0.2°C (<200°C), ±0.4°C (>200°C) ±0.2°C (<200°C), ±0.5°C (>200°C)
Calibration function Yes
Exploration mode Yes
Video function photographing and filming
Video playback available/with time watermark available/with time&temperature watermark
High-definition camera observes the melting state of the sample
Sample storage port 2 / 2
Magnification ≥20
User management more than 300, with four-level classification. more than 500, with three-level classification. more than 500, with level classification.
Storage space 32GB hard drive 64GB hard drive, ≥2GB memory 128GB hard drive, ≥2GB memory
Authorization management / / 4 levels
User account / / Freeze, enable and disable functions
Account management / / Account names can be changed, passwords can be retrieved or reset by administrators if forgotten
User management / / set the time to automatically log out function
Testing method Yes Yes (can test dark color samples)
Data storage Yes Yes
Graph saving up to 300 Yes
Video saving Yes
Continuous video recording time 50 minutes 60 minutes /
Memory expansion Yes
Experimental plan 100 sets 800 sets
Audit tracking Yes
Network wireless WIFI
Display 10-inch HD color screen Not less than 8-inch HD color screen Not less than 8-inch HD color screen
Data interface USB, network WIFI interface, RS232
Data authenticity anti-tampering function
Data export can be exported using a USB drive
Data output format PDF format and EXCL data
Data overflow reminder automatically reminded in advance
Printer optional laser printer or thermal/dot matrix (compatible)
Capillary size outer diameter φ1.4mm, inner diameter φ1.0mm outer diameter φ1.4mm, inner diameter φ1.0mm
outer diameter φ4mm, inner diameter φ3.6mm
Power supply 220V 50HZ
Power 120W
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Test speed

It is very fast, which saves me a lot of experimental time.

Easy to use

The operation is convenient.


Provide a clear test report to facilitate the summary of results.

Pretty well

Provides a variety of data processing methods

Making testing more efficient and consistent

The level of automation achieved by the fully automated melting point apparatus is impressive.


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