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Buchner Filtering Funnel, Vacuum Serrated Tubulation, 60-1000 ml


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  • Can filter chemicals that cannot be filtered by filter paper or diaphragm; can be used with filter erlenmeyer flask, filter adapter cones and others; ideal for chemical analysis, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical industry and so on
  • G1 80~120 μm Nominal Max. pore size
  • Special Notice: not for filtering hydrofluoric acid, hot concentrated phosphoric acid, concentrated alkaline solution, etc.; please clean immediately after use; keep it clean and dry when stored
  • 24/40 Joint; glass Buchner Filter Funnels; made of borosilicate glass
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    • Hi there! What diameter filter papers work with your 1000ml Vacuum Serrated Buchner Filtering Funnel?

      Dear Customer

      The inner diameter of the 1000ml filter funnel measures 114mm, necessitating filter paper within the range of 113-114mm.

      Thank you for your interest,
      StonyLab Team

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    William Wulfken
    works awesome

    its held up to many ises so far love this thing

    Nice, thick solid glass.

    This is good solid piece of glassware. Wall Thickness is better than I thought it would be.

    Absolutely awesome.

    Shockingly high quality, especially for this price. 10-20 years ago I'd have likely paid like 4-5x as much or more at a local brick & mortar supplier for a piece like this. The frit disk level and the cylinder diameter/regularity are as close to perfect as I could ask for. Nice thick and heavy boro throughout & *excellent* joints. Exactly what I wanted, withstands plenty of external pressure and with some slow qual paper it filtered clear a particular type of solution I've been trying to clarify for like a year, in a matter of minutes. Since it's a very fast G1 I can throw whatever sort of 75mm filter paper I want on it and voila, it's medium or fine, or quant if necessary, etc. and it's a very easy and affordable size to find. I have several Stonylab pieces now including stuff like boiling flasks and they've all been so good that I don't plan to buy lab glass from any other manufacturer any time soon. As an amateur scientific glass blower of many years myself, I find such strong joints with no apparent warp or wobble in any position on so many pieces in a row is REALLY impressive; same with this super flat and level frit disk. I think I'm pretty decent, but I won't hesitate to admit that this relatively super cheap piece is probably beyond my skill level and I would laugh at anyone that asked me to make one for this price, then refer them to this listing. Should I ever break this Bchner, I'll immediately order another of the same. Thank you Stonylab, will be back, soon & often!

    Good large funnel

    Did it's job just as it should. Filtered effectively

    Nice, well-made glass

    Nice glass piece. Curious to see how the filter holds up


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