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In-Situ Square Cabin Freeze Dryer/0.2 m2 to 2m2 Drying Area/3-30L/ ≤ -80°C Cold Trap/Silicone Oil Heating

In-Situ Square Cabin Freeze Dryer/0.2 m2 to 2m2 Drying Area/3-30L/ ≤ -80°C Cold Trap/Silicone Oil Heating


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  • High Capacity & Efficiency: Features a 3L to 30 L capacity with a drying surface area from 0.2 square meters to 2 square meters, optimized for efficient freeze-drying.
  • Advanced Cold Trap: Equipped with a cold trap that reaches temperatures as low as -80 degrees Celsius, ensuring maximum moisture removal and preservation of sensitive materials.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for a wide range of fields including biomedical research, pharmaceutical manufacturing, chemical processing, food processing, and academic use.
  • Specialized for Biological Samples: Perfect for vacuum freeze-drying and preservation of most bacteria, actinomycetes, viruses, bacteriophages, rickettsia, molds, and yeasts. Note: not suitable for filamentous molds, fungi, algae, and protozoa.
  • Enhanced Drying Technology: Incorporates silicone oil heating to absorb heat during sublimation drying processes, reducing product temperature drop and speeding up the sublimation process to decrease drying time.

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Outstanding Quality, But Pricey

The product delivers exceptional quality and performance, living up to all expectations. It functions flawlessly and provides excellent results. The only downside is its high cost. If you're willing to invest, it's worth every penny. However, budget-conscious buyers might find the price a bit steep. Other than that, there are no disadvantages to this product.