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Small-Scale Borosilicate Glass Reactor


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Introducing our Small-Scale Borosilicate Glass Reactor

  • High borosilicate glass reactors possess exceptional resistance to corrosion and both high and low temperatures, with a low linear expansion coefficient enabling them to withstand significant thermal shocks.
  • Detachable discharge valve, free of any stagnant areas, facilitates the smooth discharge of materials from the reactor.
  • Every liquid-interfacing element is composed of high-quality borosilicate glass or PTFE, renowned for its outstanding corrosion-resistant characteristics.
  • Utilizing a standardized connection approach ensures a convenient and rapid disassembly process.
  • The temperature and vacuum testing unit allows for precise control of the internal temperature and vacuum level within the vessel.
  • Operating under vacuum conditions, the system can achieve a negative pressure of 0.095MPa.
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Customer Reviews

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Sophia Anderson
Considerate after-sales service

We encountered some small problems in the process of use, but the customer service staff were able to answer and deal with them in a timely manner, so that our experimental work went smoothly, thank you very much!

Emily Watson
The lab is filled with laughter and joy!

We were conducting a critical experiment where temperature control was crucial. Fortunately, the precise temperature control of this reactor allowed us to successfully complete the experiment.

Excellent Insulation Effect

For experiments requiring long reaction times, the insulation effect of this glass reaction kettle is very good. It helps me save a lot of time and energy costs.

Product Quality

After using this reaction kettle, I have higher standards for product quality because it completely meets my requirements for experimental equipment.

Stonylab Service

The after-sales service of this reaction kettle is very considerate. I can get timely answers to any questions, making me feel that buying this product is a wise choice.


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