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Electrospinning Machine with Targeted Spinning, 0-30 kv, <1 mA, Drum/Plane Collection Measuring 10x20 cm

Electrospinning Machine with Targeted Spinning, 0-30 kv, <1 mA, Drum/Plane Collection Measuring 10x20 cm


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  • An electrospinning machine is a laboratory device used to create nanofibers by overcoming the surface tension of a polymer solution in a strong electrostatic field
  • Primarily used in the preparation of nanofibers through electrospinning technology
  • Intelligent environmental control; safety protection; exhaust and lighting; 360-degree spinning observation light
  • Capable of coaxial spinning, mixed spinning, multi-needle spinning, and parallel spinning

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Efficient and Diverse Experiments

Our research team uses this machine to perform many types of spinning experiments, including coaxial spinning and hybrid spinning. Each time, the quality of the nanofibers met or exceeded our expectations.


Having this electrostatic spinner has helped our lab successfully prepare batches of nanofibers with high consistency. We especially like to use the drum and flat collector to adapt to different experimental needs.

Significant Research Progress

We have made significant progress in nanofiber research thanks to this electrostatic spinning machine. We were able to perform a variety of spinning methods, such as isospinning and multi-needle spinning, and the results of each experiment were satisfactory. In particular, in one critical experiment, we successfully prepared the expected nanofiber structure, which pushed the project forward.

Spinning Experiments

A special hybrid spinning experiment was performed and was very successful in obtaining the desired fiber structure.

Operator Friendly

As a technician, I am very pleased with the design of this unit. Its operator interface is very intuitive and the XYZ 3-axis motion system is responsive and precise. Maintenance is also easy, allowing us to focus on the experiment itself.