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Low Temperature Recirculating Chiller Lab 10L


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Temp. Range

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Below are the basic specifications. Please feel free to contact us if you need more details.

Volume (L) 10
Environment Humidity (%) 70
Temp. Precision (°C) ±2

No Load Temp. Range:
SB-DWB-220V-10/10, SB-DWB-110V-10/10 -10~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/20, SB-DWB-110V-10/20 -20~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/30, SB-DWB-110V-10/30 -30~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/40, SB-DWB-110V-10/40 -40~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/60, SB-DWB-110V-10/60 -60~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/80, SB-DWB-110V-10/80 -80~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/100, SB-DWB-110V-10/100 -100~10°C
SB-DWB-220V-10/120, SB-DWB-110V-10/120 -120~10°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/10, SB-FYY-110V-10/10 -10~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/20, SB-FYY-110V-10/20 -20~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/30, SB-FYY-110V-10/30 -30~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/40, SB-FYY-110V-10/40 -40~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/60, SB-FYY-110V-10/60 -60~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/80, SB-FYY-110V-10/80 -80~98°C
SB-FYY-220V-10/100, SB-FYY-110V-10/100
SB-FYY-220V-10/120, SB-FYY-110V-10/120 -120~98°C
SB-YTJ-110V-10/10 -10~200°C
SB-YTJ-240V-10/80 -80~200°C
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