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Rubber Tubing, Pure Latex Amber Tubing, 7/16in (12mm) O.D. 5/16in (8mm) I.D.

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  • Outside Diameter: approx. 12mm (7/16''), Inside Diameter: approx. 8mm (5/16'')
  • Available in 1m, 3m, 5m ,10m.
  • Made with high-quality natural rubber latex, this smooth-walled rubber tubing is strong and highly resilient with a maximum elongation of 700%
  • Could be widely used in general laboratory applications, medicine, biology, agriculture, fitness exercise, or even as a slingshot hunting catapult band and so on
  • One long continuous piece makes it flexible to be cut into desired length to meet your needs. Please preserve the tubing in a cool and dry place. The heat, sun and extreme cold may shorten its lifespan
  • Fit on StonyLab glassware with tabulation like condensers, Buchner filtering funnel, flasks. Recommended for all kinds of StonyLab glass connections

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