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24/40 Soxhlet Extractor with Allihn Condenser & Two 500ml Flat Bottom Flasks


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  • Used for laboratory-scale refluxing, botanical extraction or continuous extraction of solids with a suitable solvent and etc.
  • Consist of one Soxhlet extractor with standard 24/40 joint at bottom, one Allihn condenser, and two 24/40 500 ml flat bottom flasks
  • Made of Borosilicate glass
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shipping time is a little long

The product is great, the glass doesn't have any air bubbles, but the delivery time is a bit long

5 stars

Grinding mouth seal is great and allows my reactants to fully react very well

As described, exactly what I needed

As described, exactly what I needed

Good glass.

Well packaged, string enough to survive being shipped. The extractor arrived free of cracks or other defects. Keep the box and foam so you have a safe place to store it.

Craig r.
Good quality soxhlet. Ordered but had to return as it was too small for my application.

Stonylab has been very good to me so far. Most of my glassware is from Stonylab. They have performed admirably in quality, shipping and customer service. I had to return this item as it was too small for my application. This was my fault for not being more familliar with my needs. The one time I used the item, it performed as advertised without any problems, I was a little uptight about the cycling as it was my first use of a soxhlet but patience and a little directed heat took care of everything. I was also not using a proper ..inner cup and could have filled it a little tight. Anyway, the return was utterly painless aside from me having ..included another, unrelated return in the same package (thinking they were all going to be processed at the Amazon warehouse prior to individual returns). Anyway, I will continue to purchase glassware from Stonylab as it's been an overall excellent experience.


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